30 Jan 2014

Snip snip

Yesterday was slightly bizarre as I spontaneously decided to have my hair cut quite short. I had no previous plan of doing so but I somehow found myself sitting at the hair salon waiting for the next available hairdresser. Whilst waiting I actually spent a few minutes contemplating whether or not I should make a swift and discreet exit before I was called upon. I'm so glad I chose to stay as I love how my hair now looks.

I've always had long curly hair so cutting it to the length I did was quite a change. Curly hair is prone to drying out and can become quite frizzy in comparison to other hair types. Over the past few months I noticed that the ends of my hair had become quite dry and lifeless despite how nourishing I was to it. Having it cut was definitely the best thing possible as my hair looks and feels a whole lot healthier and is also a lot more volumised. This is because having long hair can weigh down your curls so they sometimes appear a lot less defined. Below are a few pictures showing my new haircut. Within the next week I will also be publishing a post containing a few hair care tips that I've put together to help keep your locks strong, healthy and beautiful. X

Oh and I love my new 'Beverly Kills' top from Urban Outfitters. It was waiting for me yesterday on my bed when I got home. Perfect end to the day :)


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  2. Your t-shirt is so cool !
    Could we follow each other :)?



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