25 Jul 2014

Holiday Lookbook

Just under two months ago my friend Yasman and I boarded a plane from Gatwick Airport to the beautiful town of Marmaris, Turkey for a one week holiday. Prior to flying out, I was a little bit apprehensive as the weather forecast stated that there would be light showers and basically not a whole lot of sun. Oh how far from the truth that was (thankfully). The weather was perfect and I managed to get a lovely tan.

As always I packed far more clothing than I could have ever possibly needed, but I think it's better to have more than not enough. Who agrees? :P Below are just a few of the outfits that I wore on my recent holiday. If you wish to see the rest of them then make sure you watch my Holiday Lookbook.


Trousers: Zara / Vest Top: H&M / Sandals: H&M


Leggings: Zara / Top: H&M / Sandals: Topshop / Bracelet: River Island


Dress: Zara / Sandals: Barratts / Earrings: H&M / Bag: Zara


Top: H&M / Skirt: Zara / Sandals: H&M


Bralet: Topshop / Skirt: Primark / Sandals: Topshop

What outfit is your favourite? Oh and as mentioned earlier, don't forget to watch my Holiday Lookbook to see a few more of my holiday outfits.

Ciao! & lots of love ♥

21 Jul 2014

OOTD & YouTube Video

The weather has certainly been on its best behaviour as of late. Here in the U.K. it has been spoiling us with lots of warm and sunny days and giving us a summer that us British people rightfully deserve. Not only does this mean that we can soak up some much needed sunshine, but that we can also leave our homes without having to wear a jacket. That's exactly what I did with this outfit as there was no need for an extra layer of clothing.

I first caught sight of this shirt dress when I was out shopping with a friend. It was hanging on the rail in the 'last chance to buy' section at Topshop, silently begging for me to come and pick it up. I couldn't help but rush over to it and whisk it off to the changing room where I instantly fell in love with it.

My friend loved it too but was not impressed with the £60 price tag. Using her persuasive techniques she managed to talk me out of buying it as she felt it simply wasn't worth the price. I'm so glad she did because a few days later, whilst browsing the Topshop website, I was super happy to discover that it had been reduced from £60 down to £35. I instantly bought it then and there in fear of it selling out in my size. Oh how I do love it! Especially as it's made out of a lightweight material making it breathable and ideal for the warmer weather.

If possible, please watch this video via YouTube and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and to subscribe to my channel :) X


Shirt Dress from Topshop
Trainers from Converse
Bag from Zara
Choker from Topshop
Earrings from H&M
Ring from Brandy Melville

Ciao! & lots of love ♥

18 Jul 2014

Wish List | July

Shirt Dress - £34.99 from H&M (click here to view)
High Heel Ankle Strap Sandal - £39.99 from Zara (click here to view)
ASOS Mesh Strap Watch - £20 from ASOS (click here to view)
Nars The Multiple - £30 from Space.NK (click here to view)
Quay Kitti Sunglasses - £25 from ASOS (click here to view)
Feather Charm Choker Set - £12.50/£5.50 from Miss Selfridge (click here to view)
Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Venomous Violet - £16.50 from MAC (click here to view)
Croc Leather Bucket Bag - £99.99 from Zara (click here to view)

16 Jul 2014

OOTD & YouTube Video

A few weeks ago the girls and I went for a Sunday roast at The Black Lion in West Hampstead. The weather was gorgeous that day so we were pretty lucky to be seated in their back garden as the place was buzzing. I ordered, and devoured might I add, the roast West Devon leg of lamb, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables and mint sauce, which was so delicious I could have eaten it twice. Oh how I do love going out for dinner ♥ It has to be one of my most favourite things to do in the entire world. I'm definitely the type of girl who treasures and finds happiness in the simplest of things in life.

Oh, and then this happened. I treated myself to sticky toffee pudding in toffee sauce with hazelnut ice-cream which I demolished in next to no time.

For those of you who don't know, my favourite colour is orange. I just love how vibrant and bold of a colour it is and let us not forget how amazingly well it contrast with an all-black outfit. In my eyes you can't really go wrong with it so I love incorporating it into my daily outfits, mainly through the use of accessories.

If possible, please watch this video via YouTube and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and to subscribe to my channel :) X

Cami Top from T.M.Lewin
Skirt from H&M
Faux Leather Jacket from Primark
Sandal Heels from Zara
Earrings from Claire's
Bag from Zara 

Ciao! & lots of love ♥

11 Jul 2014

SS14 Trend #3

Ciao Today I present to you the third and extremely long overdue installment of my SS14 Fashion Trends blog post series. I've just checked the date in which I published the installment prior to this one and it has been almost three months. Goody gosh, now that is a long time. To be fair I had been meaning to get this blog post published for quite some time but eventually gave up in doing so as life and work simply got in the way. For those who wish to recap and have a read of the first installment, click here. As for the second installment, click here.

The third trend I will be discussing happens to be a personal favourite of mine and one that I've had in my wardrobe for many years. It is a trend that has had the blogger and YouTuber, Leanne from LLimWalker, talking about in her latest videos. Do you guys have the faintest idea on what it could be? Yes! No! Okay, I'll give you one more clue. It is something that you could create in the very comfort of your own home considering that you have mastered the skill of it. That skill being crochet.

Personally, I don't believe that this is a trend that initially had people rushing out to get their hands on. Instead I feel that it is something that a lot of people have been on the fence about as many refer to crochet as being grandma-like. Some also consider it to be a thing of the past, more specifically a thing of the 70s. This couldn't be further from the truth as the runway experienced a revival of crochet this season as it was incorporated into the collections of designers such as Roberto Cavalli. Shown below are a few of the looks from Cavalli's collection.

For those ladies who are not so keen on wearing an outfit that is fully or heavily crocheted there are several ways in which you can still rock this trend. For instance, several garments have a crochet embellishment whether it being a t-shirt with crochet front detailing, a playsuit with crochet panels or a pair of denim shorts that has a crochet trimming. There are also several accessories and jewellery pieces that are made from this pattern.
  • #FashionTrendTip: Due to the delicate nature of crochet it's often advised that extra care be taken (i.e. when wearing jewellery) to prevent the garment from snagging. 
  • #FashionTrendTip: If the remainder of your summer consists of going to a festival then this is a fashion trend that will help to give you that carefree and bohemian vibe that many festival-goers attempt to replicate.
Below are some of my current favourite crochet finds from the high-street. What are your favourite pieces from this selection? I'm loving the crochet patch dress and think it would look amazing with the choker necklace :)

Carly Crochet Bikini Top - £19 from Accessorize (click here to view)
Carly Crochet Bikini Brief - £15 from Accessorize (click here to view)
Crochet Flower Bracelets - £6.50/£4.50 from Miss Selfridge (click here to view)
Crochet Patch Dress - £60 from Topshop (click here to view)
Crochet Sandals - £39.99 from Bershka (click here to view)
Daisy Crochet Hoody - £110 from Little White Lies (click here to view)
Crochet Shorts - £24 from Topshop (click here to view)
Limited Edition Crochet Tassel Choker Necklace - £10 from ASOS (click here to view)
Crochet Paper Stetson - £22 from Accessorize (click here to view)
New Look Crochet Skinny Belts 2 Pack - £8.99/£5 from ASOS (click here to view)

What are you views on this particular fashion trend? Is it something you would consider rockin' or is it something you would avoid? Do let me know in the comment box below :) X

Ciao! & lots of love ♥

10 Jul 2014

AW 14-15 Ready-To-Wear | Burberry

We are yet to see the back of summer but already I am lusting over the Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collections that have flowed onto the catwalk. Who knew that I of all people would be getting excited over anything that has some sort of relation to the colder months. I guess that's what fashion does to you, right?

Over the next coming weeks I will be sharing with you some of my favourite collections as some are far too beautiful and deserve to be awed at and drooled over. To kick-start off the showcase of the fabulous fashion visions of AW14-15 I have posted some of my personal favourites of Christopher Bailey's masterpieces. Enjoy! X

What do you guys think? Fashion YES or fashion NO? X

  Ciao! & lots of love ♥

4 Jul 2014

OOTD & YouTube Video

Ciao! I have no choice but to hold my hands up and admit that I've been a poor blogger as of late. I know that there's no room for excuses but I've been pretty darn busy recently as I am currently in the middle of transitioning from full-time work to part-time. For those who are interested, I will leaving my full-time job as a Brand Manager at Gant this coming Thursday and will be working part-time at Mulberry. This means that I will soon have a bit more time on my hands enabling me to blog a lot more and make more YouTube videos which is all exciting stuff.

In the mean time I have an outfit to share with you all in both image and video format. I wore this outfit two weeks ago to a sports bar near Great Portland Street where a few friends and I watched two of the football matches (Iran V Argentina and Ghana V Germany). Oh and yes, that did consist of me jumping up and down cheering when Ghana scored LOL :P

Currently this has to be one of my favourite casual outfits as it's fashionable yet extremely comfortable. These jeans are to die for ♥ I had been on the search for a pair of ripped jeans for the longest time. I tried on several different pairs but none gave me that sudden rush of 'I must have these' that almost makes you run over to the till, pay for them and wear them out the very next day. That was until I came across these ones as they fast became my go-to pair of jeans. Have you guys found the perfect pair of ripped jeans? If so, do let me know where they're from, or leave a link to them as I would love to check them out :)

Crop Top from Topshop
Jeans from Topshop
Faux Leather Jacket from Primark
Shoes from Primark
Jewellery from Turkey
Belt from Primark
Bag from Zara 

Ciao! & lots of love ♥