28 Aug 2015

My holiday to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Ciao ♥ At the beginning of this month I managed to escape the constant hustle and bustle of London life to the serenity of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. I went away for just under two weeks with one of my closest childhood friends. As it was her first girls' holiday we really wanted to make the most of our time away together by exploring and taking on as many excursions as possible.

All of ours were booked via Sharm Excursions prior to flying out. This site offers a range of excursions at affordable prices which work out to be a lot cheaper than those prices offered in Egypt. Better yet, at checkout you’re only required to pay a 10% deposit as the remainder of the cost will be collected upon your arrival. This is a great benefit for those who are slightly weary about making a payment with a site they’re not familiar with.

Our first excursion took place in the desert on the outskirts of Sharm and consisted of camel riding, dinner with a Bedouin tribe and star gazing. Despite doing this excursion the last time I was in Egypt, I just had to do it again as it's such a fun experience.

Our next excursion was a trip to Cairo which, as you can imagine, is bustling with character and has a history so rich it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Our first visit was to The Egyptian Museum which was absolutely phenomenal and my favourite part of my trip to Cairo. Yes! Even more than the pyramids. I was in awe of the many different artifacts which are more than a thousand years old. You wouldn't dare think it as they're in immaculate condition and preserved exceptionally well. My favourite part of the museum has to be the section displaying an array of mummified animals, including a crocodile the length of a double-decker bus, if not longer. Amazing, right? Unfortunately, I'm unable to show you guys any of this as you're not allowed to take photos inside of the museum (wah!). Here I am in the museum's garden...
After visiting the museum we then had a boat ride along the River Nile before stopping off for some lunch.
After filling up our bellies it was finally time to pay the magnificent pyramids a visit.
For our final excursion we went quad biking in the desert.
On two separate occasions we managed to drag ourselves away from the hotel's pool and head into town to visit the old market. The old market is flowing with merchants sitting on stools as they smoke tobacco and sip on glasses of hot chai, infused with mint. Handmade jewellery of a wooden and mother of pearl composition can be found dangling from metal fixtures affixed to shop windows and doors. Stray, lounging cats take refuge during the hottest hours of the day as the sun beams down, unforgiveable to those who dare get in its way.

I put my haggling skills to good use as I bought a ton of souvenirs for a fraction of the original asking price. This was helped massively by the fact that I can speak some Arabic and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Trust me, haggling is my thang. One shop owner even called me ‘big mafia’ as I refused to back down. LOL! I rest my case.

Some funny-ish things to expect when in Egypt:
  • Taxi drivers transporting you to your chosen destination at a speed of 80-100mph.
  • The constant honking of car horns for no apparent reason. 
  • Camels parked up at the side of the road. 
  • Merchants mimicking English expressions (i.e. lovely jubbly, cheap as chips and etc.).
  • Being offered herds of animals as a dowry for marriage (I was offered 50 cows LOL)

If you want to see some more of my photos from Egypt then make sure you follow me on Instagram. Also, do let me know if any of you guys went away this summer? If so, where to? :)

Ciao ♥ Xx 

23 Aug 2015

Wish List | August

MOTO Washed Black Ripped Jamie Jeans - £42 from Topshop (click here to view)
Ray Ban RB2447 Havana Phantos Sunglasses - £135 from Selfridges (click here to view)
Dogtooth-Checked Coat - £59.99 from H&M (click here to view)
Nike Roshe Run Flyknit Lt Armory Platinum - £94.99 from Office (click here to view)
Sidney Suede Mini Fringe Bag - £175 from Whistles (click here to view)
Casio Ladies' Rose Tone Digital Watch - £40.49 from Argos (click here to view)
Wool Hat - £19.99 from H&M (click here to view)
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink - £33 from John Lewis (click here to view)
Black Faux Fur Stole - £25 from Miss Selfridge (click here to view)

Ciao ♥ Xx 

17 Aug 2015

Dolly Rockin' It's Pop-Up Store

Ciao Long time no see. How are you? It’s been just over two weeks since I last published a post but I have a valid excuse, I swear. I was away in Egypt sunning it up and had very limited access to WiFi. I told you it was valid :P Despite experiencing social media withdrawal symptoms I had an amazing time and cannot wait to share it all with you. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be showing you guys what I got up to and what I wore on a day-to-day basis in the next few posts. For those who’d like to have a sneak peek make sure you check out my Instagram as I’ve already uploaded some photos and videos.

Upon returning back to the UK on Friday morning I thought I'd have a quiet-ish type of weekend before returning to work on Monday morning. Ha! Oh how wrong I was. On Saturday afternoon I went to Portobello and in the evening I went to Shaka Zulu. On Sunday I was kindly invited along to Dolly Rockin’It’s pop-up store where I got to meet the founder of the brand and have an exclusive look at her collection. Oh, but the fun didn’t end there as I shamelessly put my pouting skills to good use in the photo-booth, gulped down three cups full of slush and had my nails done by the lovely Erika. There was also a tanning bar for those ladies who wanted to radiate a sun-kissed glow.

Everything in the store was beautifully presented and organised using an elegant range of shabby chic furniture. People walking by were clearly intrigued by what was on show as they couldn’t help but pop in even though the store wasn’t officially open at the time to the public. If you guys are around the North London area (more specifically North Finchley) then make sure you pay Dolly Rockin’It a visit.

All garments sold come in an array of sizes as well as a range of colours so there's something for everyone. They also stock accessories such as clutches, jewellery and keyrings. The only thing that you might need to take into consideration is that some sizes tend to sell out fairly quickly. Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on a white tee which I cannot wait to style.

What do you guys think?

Ciao ♥ Xx 

2 Aug 2015

Outfit of the Day (#OOTD)

Ciao  Wah! This is going to be one of those extremely short but sweet kinda things. Simply because it's currently 02:55am and my body has gone into autodrive. I'm off on holiday in a few hours time so I really should be sleeping, but I didn't want to jet off without leaving you guys with something new to feast your fashion craving eyes on. Please note that there won't be any blog posts going live during my time away. I hope you guys don't mind :) Anyways, what do you guys think of this outfit? Is it something you'd wear? Do let me know X

Faux Leather Jacket from Primark
Knitted Knot Dress from Zara
Ribbed Top from Topshop
Vagabond Boots from Office
Bag from Zara 

Ciao ♥ Xx