14 Nov 2012

Bags, bags and bags

Ciao a tutti! Gosh, it has been quite a while. I've been so busy recently and my schedule is only about to get even more crazy so please excuse my absence. I thought I'd do a quick post on some amazing bags that I saw on the Zara website.

handbag with stud details £29.99
View/Buy here

canvas city bag £29.99
View/Buy here

beaded box clutch £49.99
View/Buy here

beaded box clutch £49.99
View/Buy here

satin and pearl box clutch £49.99
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16 Oct 2012


Random Haul

Ciao a tutti! Hope you've all been well. It's the beginning of my second week at University and I can already tell that this year is going to be quite intense. I predict that as the year goes by I will go from making some sort of effort in my apperance to looking like a tramp. Also it has done nothing but rain in London for the last week or so. Where did our summer go? Oh wait we didn't have one :(

Okay, so considering that I haven't done a fashion related post in ages I thought I'd do a haul showing some of my most recent purchases. I've been trying to limit the amount I spend and this was going well until the last week or so *I hide my receipts*. Some of the things I've bought are extremely random as you'll see. Enjoy x

Tiger, £2 (per box)
I've got so much stuff in my room that it's become an actual joke. These cute little boxes will definitely come in hand for storing stuff such as accessories.

River Island, socks - £4/Barry M set of 3 - £8
These cute little frilly socks will go perfectly with my olive coloured Nike blazers.

TK Maxx, Pretty Polly ribbed tights - £3.99 (RRP £10

Real Techniques Blush Brush - £9.99
Real Techniques Foundation Brush - £9.99
Real Techniques Setting Brush - £8.99
There's currently a 3 for 2 deal on selected items so I got the Setting Brush for nada (BOOYAH!)

1 Oct 2012

Bella donna ♥



 “A woman's dress should be a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.
Sophia Loren

5 Sep 2012

Falling in love ...

Ciao a tutti! Hope you're all well. The weather in London has been pretty darn decent for the past two days so I really can't complain. I initially wanted to do an OOTD but I forgot to take pictures, DOH! So instead I'm going to tell you about my most recent 'love at first sight' experience.

Okay so without fail, every time I walk into Zara I fall in love with a different piece of their clothing or footwear. Today I went to Knightsbridge and popped into the Zara store there and saw these amazing suede ankle boots. After picking them up I was amazed to see that they were only £29.99 (shocker right?) but as it happens they didn't have my size *i cry* :( I then travelled down to Oxford Street and went to two of the Zara's there and I was still left disappointed *i cry harder*. This always happens to me but mer whatever these bad boys are going to be ordered online.

Ciao! Xoxo

4 Sep 2012

So-called friends

Ciao a tutti! It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog and I'm having one of those nights where I'm deep in thought and writing, well typing, it down seems to somehow help with it all. There are times when I feel really strong and passionate about a certain thing and I feel that I have to let it out which you'll see within this post. So it's currently 12.46am and I'm merely reflecting on my life as a whole and the people that are in it, as you do at such a time. 

I'm sure that the majority of you have heard the quote "You can count your true friends on one hand" and I guess you can say that I've really learnt the realness to this. People will never fail to surprise you and it sucks when you realise that those people you once considered to be a close friend are by far the people you know the least about. Sometimes you think you really know someone but situations arise and you come to learn that you never really knew them. I've also found that the older I've gotten the harder I find it is for me to trust people. I guess in a way this is actually a blessing in disguise because the people I do trust I appreciate and respect them so much and truly value them as a friend.

I know that there may be some who read this and think WELL DUH! THIS IS LIFE but I can't deny that certain things that people do really irritate me and can put me in an extremely foul mood. I get pissed easily and I'm short-tempered. Merrrr! I really don't understand why some people are so concerned about the business of others and will go out of their way to find out as much as they can. Anyways I'm rambling (again) and I just wanted to end this by saying that I really do believe that one of the most important things you can do throughout your life is to be nice towards those people around you. After all there's no point in being mean.

31 Jul 2012

Californian themed leaving party

Ciao a tutti! On Saturday evening I went to my friend's leaving party as she's moving to California in about two weeks for an entire year. I'm extremely proud of her as she has been accepted into Berkeley University to study Law. Wow, right? So anyways the theme of the party was obviously going to be Cali related and although the obvious idea of Katy Perry came to mind I wasn't really up for dressing as her. Instead I was planning on firstly going as Marilyn Monroe, then Natalie Wood who played Maria in West Side Story and eventually I came to the conclusion that I would wear what I usually wear and state that I was a member of 'Cali Swag District' purely because I could go dressed up casually. Smart move right? LOL


Ciao! Xoxo

23 Jul 2012

Story of my life.

Wish List ...

MELODY, Pointed Lace-up Boots, £36.00

Nike Blazer mid vintage leather Bordeux, £66.99

Wedge with ankle strap, £69.99

Platform heel sandel, £49.99

12 Jul 2012

Rhodes 2012 ♥

On the evening of the 13th of June I flew out from Stansted Airport to the Greek island of Rhodes. It also just happened to be my birthday and I was looking forward to spending the next two weeks having an unforgettable time with two of my closest friends, Yasi and Victoria, for we had planned this holiday for an entire year.

We stayed in a town North of the island called Kallithea. There wasn't too much going on here except a few places to eat, bars (which were dead) and some mini-markets but fortunately we were only a short bus ride away to Rhodes (or Rodos) Town so we took full advantage of this. Anyone who happens to visit Rhodes and takes a trip to Rhodes (or Rodos) Town MUST visit the old town within it.

The Old Town is absolutely beautiful and the type of place which you'll instantly fall in love with. It was bustling with tourists trying to capture every aspect of it with their cameras, authentic souvenir shops and café's. At night it is home to the young Greek locals who spend their time socialising at its many bars or dancing at the amazing Cuban 'Todo Bien Latin Bar' which could easily be mistaken for something out of Dirty Dancing 2. You are greeted with people dancing without a care in the world on the cobble street to the enchanting and hip-swaying music. I was literally hypnotized by it all as I'm a massive fan of Latin music and I love dancing so to visit such a place was amazing. Working at the bar is a professional Brazilian dancer who can move like no man you've ever seen before. I really cannot express how fortunate I feel to have been  shown this place by two of our Greek friends and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

We also ventured to the nearby town of Faliraki which really wasn't our cup of tea and so didn't revisit it after that one night out. Just to give you a brief idea if you've ever watched 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents' it's one of those places. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with such a place but it just wasn't to our fancy because A) I don't like being hassled to "COME INTO OUR BAR" as I walk by a place and B) No-one really knew WTF they were doing there.

The two weeks flew by and before we knew it we was saying our saddened goodbyes to the many lovely friends we had made knowing that we would probably never see them again. Grrr! That's the one thing that sucks about meeting people on holiday :( Oh and before we knew it we arrived in London to a week of rain :/

Lol anyways I hope I haven't bored you nor put you to sleep by my rambling so here are a few pictures that I took. Enjoy!

8 Jul 2012


Ciao a tutti! It's been ages since I last made a post but I've been ever so busy. I got back from a two week holiday to Greece roughly just over a week ago and I've had loads to do so please excuse my lack of absence on here. I shall hopefully be posting quite a bit over the coming few weeks :]

28 May 2012

I love Zara.

Ciao a tutti! I hope you've all been well and for all of those in London I hope you've been enjoying the sun as much as I have. The weather here has been amazing ♥ 

Okay, so I know I told myself that I wouldn't go shopping but I couldn't help myself after stepping into Zara. They literally have some of the most amazing pieces ever and I feel as if I want to buy everything and anything in sight whenever I visit it. I never fail to have a look at their heels which are spread out all over as they always stock some at very reasonable prices. These beauts caught my eye and the price tag was a bonus considering that Zara heels usually cost roughly £49.00-£59.00. These heeled sandals come in three other colours, one being a plain black and the other two being a combination of two different colours. As you may know by now I absolutely adore the colour orange and any shade of it so instantly fell in love with these.

Zara, £29.99

Ciao! Xoxo

25 May 2012

Sun shining.

The weather in London has been absolutely amazing for the past few days. I've been making the most of it and chilling in the park with my two buddies, Yasi and Victoria, with our favourite Starbucks beverages and some food. Today we ventured out of our usual Central London chilling spot and went to High Street Kensington where we stopped off for some shopping and Starbucks (of course). Complete and utter bliss

16 May 2012

Women are beautiful.

The older I've gotten the more I've come to truly appreciate and admire the role of a woman. Women are beautiful beings and should be appreciated and made to feel special. No one should ever tell you or make you feel any different for if they do they're simply not worthy of you.

Beauty comes in many different amounts and forms and lies much deeper than ones physical appearance. The appearance of a woman ages with time but beauty from within can flourish with it. Sadly, they're some women who do no allow this to happen for they are hindered with jealousy. I know of a few girls who loathe on other females purely because they are pretty or have something which they do not. This leaves them with no shame in making unnecessary and snide comments or trying to belittle them. Little do they know is that this does not benefit them in any way but only deprives them. Women should be appreciative of one another and I think it sucks that they're so many women out there who don't feel confident in themselves because of others. I say this because at times, like many of you, I am one of these women. So let me just tell you that you are beautiful and no one can ever take that away from you. Good night x

10 May 2012

Haul: Bershka, H&M, Zara ...

Ciao a tutti! Hope you're all well. So yesterday I met up with my sister at Oxford Circus for dinner. We arranged to meet at 6pm but I arrived a little before 5ish as I wanted to look around for a little bit. Hmm BIG mistake as I ended up spending quite a bit which I did not intend on doing so. Grr! I hate when that happens. Anyways the majority of the pieces shown below were all purchased yesterday but a few items were bought the week before. Oh and seriously NO more shopping for me. I mean it this time :(

Bershka, skirts - £7.99/bralets - £5.99
Love the prints on both of these  

Zara, £25.99
I first saw this messenger bag on two different blogs and immediately fell in love with it. I love that it can be opened in two different ways, one being through a zip found on the top of the bag and the second way being through the foldover flap. When I showed my mama this bag she jokily asked me if it was a suitcase as it's slightly larger than your average black handbag but it fits everything that us ladies tend to carry around with us. Plus it looks amazing on.

Dorothy Perkins, £9 £2 in sale
Such a bargain.

River Island, £7

Footlocker, £66.99
Oh how I lurve me some Nike Blazers *I drool*. I really want to get them in red, green and navy. Slight obsession lol

ASOS, £67 £56.95 due to 15% discount (BOOYAH)

H&M, £9.99
This looks AMAZING with a leather jacket

H&M, £7.99

H&M, £14.99
I'm slightly obsessed with this colour atm. It looks fab against all skin colours and is ideal for summer. I can't wait to wear it.

H&M, £1.99
I've wanted these for ages but couldn't find them anywhere. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to buy two pairs minimum lol

(Front view/back view)
River Island
, £30
I think this midi dress is absolutely gorgeous and definitely a statement piece.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and definitely let me know what you think of any of the pieces shown.

Ciao! Xoxo