5 Sep 2012

Falling in love ...

Ciao a tutti! Hope you're all well. The weather in London has been pretty darn decent for the past two days so I really can't complain. I initially wanted to do an OOTD but I forgot to take pictures, DOH! So instead I'm going to tell you about my most recent 'love at first sight' experience.

Okay so without fail, every time I walk into Zara I fall in love with a different piece of their clothing or footwear. Today I went to Knightsbridge and popped into the Zara store there and saw these amazing suede ankle boots. After picking them up I was amazed to see that they were only £29.99 (shocker right?) but as it happens they didn't have my size *i cry* :( I then travelled down to Oxford Street and went to two of the Zara's there and I was still left disappointed *i cry harder*. This always happens to me but mer whatever these bad boys are going to be ordered online.

Ciao! Xoxo

4 Sep 2012

So-called friends

Ciao a tutti! It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog and I'm having one of those nights where I'm deep in thought and writing, well typing, it down seems to somehow help with it all. There are times when I feel really strong and passionate about a certain thing and I feel that I have to let it out which you'll see within this post. So it's currently 12.46am and I'm merely reflecting on my life as a whole and the people that are in it, as you do at such a time. 

I'm sure that the majority of you have heard the quote "You can count your true friends on one hand" and I guess you can say that I've really learnt the realness to this. People will never fail to surprise you and it sucks when you realise that those people you once considered to be a close friend are by far the people you know the least about. Sometimes you think you really know someone but situations arise and you come to learn that you never really knew them. I've also found that the older I've gotten the harder I find it is for me to trust people. I guess in a way this is actually a blessing in disguise because the people I do trust I appreciate and respect them so much and truly value them as a friend.

I know that there may be some who read this and think WELL DUH! THIS IS LIFE but I can't deny that certain things that people do really irritate me and can put me in an extremely foul mood. I get pissed easily and I'm short-tempered. Merrrr! I really don't understand why some people are so concerned about the business of others and will go out of their way to find out as much as they can. Anyways I'm rambling (again) and I just wanted to end this by saying that I really do believe that one of the most important things you can do throughout your life is to be nice towards those people around you. After all there's no point in being mean.