31 Jan 2014

Wish List | January

Black Chunky High Leg Gladiator Sandals - £40 from River Island (click here to view)
Lips in Mink - £8 from Topshop (click here to view) 
Embroidered Midi Tea Dress - £55 from Topshop (click here to view) 
Pink Jaded London Floral Crop Sweatshirt - £40 from River Island (click here to view)
Coloured Leather Shopper - £79.99 from Zara (click here to view)
60s Oval Sunglasses - £16 from Topshop (click here to view)
Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings - £17.99 from Mango (click here to view)

30 Jan 2014

Snip snip

Yesterday was slightly bizarre as I spontaneously decided to have my hair cut quite short. I had no previous plan of doing so but I somehow found myself sitting at the hair salon waiting for the next available hairdresser. Whilst waiting I actually spent a few minutes contemplating whether or not I should make a swift and discreet exit before I was called upon. I'm so glad I chose to stay as I love how my hair now looks.

I've always had long curly hair so cutting it to the length I did was quite a change. Curly hair is prone to drying out and can become quite frizzy in comparison to other hair types. Over the past few months I noticed that the ends of my hair had become quite dry and lifeless despite how nourishing I was to it. Having it cut was definitely the best thing possible as my hair looks and feels a whole lot healthier and is also a lot more volumised. This is because having long hair can weigh down your curls so they sometimes appear a lot less defined. Below are a few pictures showing my new haircut. Within the next week I will also be publishing a post containing a few hair care tips that I've put together to help keep your locks strong, healthy and beautiful. X

Oh and I love my new 'Beverly Kills' top from Urban Outfitters. It was waiting for me yesterday on my bed when I got home. Perfect end to the day :)

26 Jan 2014


Hey bloggers! I wore this outfit to work a few days ago. It's a really simple look and extremely comfortable to wear. If you guys have watched my YouTube videos or read my previous blog posts you would know that I'm in love with any clothing that is ribbed so I cannot get enough of this dress. I'm also loving my new reversible bag; one side is grey and the other side is lime green. I'm yet to wear it showing the lime green side as I think it's more ideal for summer due to it being so vibrant. However, if I ever need to add some colour to an outfit I might have to make an exception.

On my lips I'm wearing Rebel by MAC. I've had this lipstick for the longest time but have never really used it as I didn't like how it looked upon first application. However, since trying it out again not too long ago I'm now in love with it. I can be quite weird with make-up :/ I'll try something for the first time and hate it so will not use it. A few weeks later I'll try it again and I'll love it. Lol! X



Ribbed Polo Neck Dress from Zara
  Reversible Bag from Zara
  Boots from Topshop

Day Out | Greenwich

Today a friend and I went to Greenwich for a day out. Despite it being not too long of a journey away, I had never been so had a jolly good time. Half way during our outing I decided to take some photos so that I could put together a blog post. Hope you enjoy :) X

Upon arrival we headed straight to the market and had a browse at the different stalls ...

I came across this lovely stall selling natural soaps, scrubs, oils and other such goodies. I couldn't resist spending a good minute or so smelling the natural soaps and shoving it in my friend's face so she could also smell them. Not only do they smell gorgeous but they're only £4 each which I think is a bargain. Check out the website at Kats Kalma.


I ended up buying this little gift set, containing a green tea & may chang soap and bath salts, for my mummy. I love how simplistic the packaging is and the fact that it was a mere £5. Such a bargain!


We then stopped at this stall where I picked myself up a vegan coconut lip balm for only £4.


We then had a little wander around and I couldn't help but take a gazillion and one photos. These were mainly of clouds as I thought they looked so beautiful.

Finally, we headed to the Mexican restaurant Desperados where I had the Chicken Arizona (YUM) and my friend had the Mexican Chilli Cheese Burger which is a classic burger topped with chilli con carne and cheese. Who would have thought of that burger combination, ey?


Have any of you guys been to Desperados? If so what do you usually order? X

19 Jan 2014

Massive Zara Haul

Hi guys! So over the past three weeks I went slightly crazy in Zara and spent quite a lot of money. I thought I would share some of the goods I got in a haul video so hope you enjoy watching this. If you do then please subscribe as it would be totally awesome. If you would also like me to film anything in particular or have any tips then please comment below in the comment box. All will be apreciated :) X


17 Jan 2014

Golden Globes Best Dressed 2014

If you're a movie fanatic and have an appreciation for films then the Golden Globe Awards is something you would definitely have tuned in to watch. If you're obsessed with fashion, like I am, then you would have tuned in to Ooo, Aahh and Oh no she didn't at the many different dresses that graced the red carpet. Shown below are a selection of my favourite gowns. My absolute favourite has to be Lupita's as she looks stunning. Firstly, the red vibrant colour looks amazing against her skin tone. Secondly, it highlights her womanly figure without being anything less than elegant. Lastly, it has a cape. What more could you possibly want? Lol! Let me know which one is your all time favourite :) X


Cate Blanchett wearing Armani Privé
   Kate Beckinsale wearing Zuhair Murad


Lupita Nyong'o wearing Ralph Lauren
Mila Kunis wearing Gucci Première


Sally Hawkins wearing Dior
Sandra Bullock wearing Prabal Gurung


Sofia Vergara wearing Zac Posen
Zoe Saldana wearing Prabal Gurung

13 Jan 2014


It seems only right to start off this post by stating that I friggin' LOVE my new coat. I wore it today for the first time and instantly knew that it could fast become my go-to coat. It's a delicate pale pink colour and can be fastened by three simple black buttons. The simplicity of this coat is just insane. I paid £129.99 for it on Boxing Day from the Zara website but I've seen that it has now been reduced in price so I would definitely suggest that you ladies try it on if you spot it as you wouldn't want to take it off. I'm also really loving my khaki midi length dress simply because it's ribbed. I just can't get enough of any clothing that is ribbed. It has to be one of my favourite pattterns EVER. X


Pale Pink Longline Coat from Zara
Ribbed Midi Dress from Zara
Boots from Topshop
Necklace from River Island
Rucksack from Zara

8 Jan 2014

River Island SS14 Collection

The beginning of a new year can mean so many different things. To some people it is the prospect of a new beginning and a fresh new start. To me it simply means that my favourite time of year is approaching. My beloved summer time ♥ 

The excitement I have for my favourite season has already been kick-started by several high-street stores who have released their SS14 collection previews. The most recent one being River Island. Okay so I regularly (well more like daily tbh) check the River Island website and I noticed that instead of primarily promoting their sale, which it did do last night, their homepage now features an introduction to their SS14 collection. After oohing and aahing for a good ten minutes at their new arrivals and new season lookbooks I knew I just had to share it with you guys. Taa-Dah!

Photo Source: River Island

If I had to choose three favourite looks they would be: Posh Pastels, Sports Mono and Tribal Grunge. All of which are gorgeous and definitely looks that I will use as a source of inspiration and attempt to recreate in the near future.
  • Posh Pastels - I love wearing pastel colours during summer as they look amazing against a sun-kissed tan and really helps to show it off. I definitely think that this is a look that people would think you have paid more for as it screams out elegance. I just love how delicate and flowy this outfit is. Grr! There's so much I love about it. I mean look how effortlessly the lightweight jacket falls on the model. I want need it.
  • Sports Mono - I absolutely love the combination of black and white as I think the contrast between the two looks effortless and really helps to define an outfit. I'm sure you can tell from my previous OOTD blog posts that I've definitely been enjoying the monochrome trend as of late so the Sports Mono look is right up my street.
  • Tribal Gunge - In my December Favourites video (click here to view) I stated that I love anything that is African inspired and in my Haul video (click here to view) I more or less said that my fashion sense is going through a grungy stage. So for River Island to combine my two recent fashion loves is AMAZING!
Below is a collage of my favourite items from their SS14 preview collection. I definitely think you guys should check it out as they've got some great statement pieces. Hope you've enjoyed this post and comment below your favourite lookbook. X

Black Aztec Print Cami Playsuit - £20 (click here to view) 
Black Chunky Platform Barely There Sandals  - £55 (click here to view)
Cream High Shine Mini Skirt - £25 (click here to view)
Black Floral Print Kimono - £35 (click here to view)
Blue High Waisted Curb Chain Belt Trousers - £35 (click here to view)
Lime Rib Box Pleat Prom Dress - £65 (click here to view)
Navy Cat Eye Sunglasses - £10 (click here to view) 
Light Pink Two-Tone Cleated Sole Platforms - £65 (click here to view)
Green Marabou Feather Cross Body Bag - £35 (click here to view) 
Light Pink High Waisted Leather Skirt - £95 (click here 
 to view)

7 Jan 2014


Yet again I have spent a ridiculous amount of money in the shortest amount of time. I hold Zara fully responsible for my recent out of control spending habits. I mean it's not my fault that I want to buy everything upon entering one of their stores :( I justify my ridiculous spending by telling myself that everything I buy is an investment and well worth it. Most of the time this isn't entirely true but sometimes it is and I manage to grab myself a bargain like I did with the coat I'm wearing in this outfit. It was previously priced at £89 but I got it for a mere £36. Now is that a bargain or is that a bargain? Lol! :) X


60s Fur Collar Coat from Topshop
Fluffy Crop Top from Primark
MOTO Forest Joni Jeans from Topshop
Earrings from Topshop
Buggle Lace Up Cut Out Boots from Topshop


5 Jan 2014

Sale Item Wants

If you love to shop as much as I do then I'm pretty sure that you ladies are still on the hunt for some bargains as the sales continue. However, I know far too well that it can sometimes be frustrating if not just downright bloody long to look through the numerous pages of sale stock on most online websites. To help save you ladies a little bit of time I browsed through the majority of the high-street/online stores and put together a selection of my favourite finds. Are there any sale item wants that you have? If so post a link in the comment box below as I would love to check them out. X

60s Crop Floral Jacquard Dress - £65/£35 from Topshop (click here to view) 
Black Diamond Jacquard Cropped Sweatshirt - £35/£15 from River Island (click here to view)
High Heel Wood & Leather Sandal - £59.99/£39.99 from Zara (click here to view
Grey Feather Bolero - £130/60 from Miss Selfridge (click here to view) 
Blue Background  Scarf  With Yellow Floral Design - £17.99/£9.99 from Zara (click here to view)
Floral Lazercut Pencil Skirt - £50/£15 from Topshop (click here to view)
Jamie Jewellery Diamante Hamsa Hand Necklace - £77/£32 from ASOS (click here to view) 
Chains Shopper Bag - £49.99/£24.99 from Mango (click here to view)

(strikethrough prices are the orginal prices of those goods featured)

2 Jan 2014

Haul || Primark, Topshop, Boohoo, H&M, etc.

Hi guys! I thought I would film a haul video for my YouTube channel as I love watching them. Hope you enjoy! If you somewhat like my craziness then please subscribe as it would be totally awesome. If you would also like me to film anything in particular or have any tips then please comment below in the comment box. All will be appreciated :) X


1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!

I have quite a good feeling about this year. Some of you might be thinking that it's a tad too early to make such a prediction but after feeling like you've been dragged to hell and back it can only get better. At the beginning of 2013 I told my friends that "this isn't going to be my year" and oh boy was it not. Nothing had happened to make me have such a feeling so I guess you can call it a woman's intuition. 2013 was hands down the most hardest, saddest and most heart-breaking year of my life. I actually sat on my bed yesterday on New Year's Eve and had a good cry as I reflected back on the year and everything I had been through. As they say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

I know that I've come a long way from what feels like the most darkest times of my life. I remember I used to shut myself away in my room and spend my days crying and sleeping. I was so severly stressed that I could just about manage to force myself to eat a few spoons of food per day. I really do feel as if I lost a part of myself and I'm yet to get it back. On the plus I learnt a great deal about myself, some of which I already knew and some of which surprised me. I learnt that no matter how much a person may hurt me, if you are someone who I dearly and deeply love, I will do anything for you. Even if it destroys me in the process, I will allow it to. That which it did. I learnt that I'm extremely tolerant and forgiving to those I truly care for and that no matter how upset I may be I will put my feelings aside to ensure that things are okay. I learnt that I do not truly understand the value of myself and this is something that I'm working on.

Hmm that could be a potential New Year's resolution but I've never really been one to make them so will not be making any this year either. Instead I'm going to focus on getting better and being happy as I've been sad for the most longest time and I still very much am. It's definitely much more easier said than done but I intend to make this year a memorable one and for all of the right reasons.

I wish all of you lovely readers a happy new year, one that is filled with happiness and one that is better than your last. X