18 Mar 2011

Floppy Hats

As summer draws closer it's fair to say that my love for floppy hats just seems to be growing. So much so that when entering a shop I head straight towards the accessories section with the hope of finding one that I can wear endlessly across the summer months. Shown below are a few of my personal favourites from some of the high street stores. I'm particularly fond of the beige floppy hat from River Island.

Tan band wheat floppy hat

Two tone wide brim hat

Straw hat - wide brimmed hat with a band

Beige floppy hat
River Island

Beige floppy straw hat
River Island

3 Mar 2011


Hmm to be honest I don't really know why I've decided to create this blog. I guess you can say it was a 'spur of the moment' decision. As I've literally created this only half an hour ago please bear with me for the lack of images, imaginative and postings. I'll mainly be using my blog to talk about fashion as it's something I absolutely adore. Hopefully it's something you guys will enjoy. Grazie!