31 Jul 2012

Californian themed leaving party

Ciao a tutti! On Saturday evening I went to my friend's leaving party as she's moving to California in about two weeks for an entire year. I'm extremely proud of her as she has been accepted into Berkeley University to study Law. Wow, right? So anyways the theme of the party was obviously going to be Cali related and although the obvious idea of Katy Perry came to mind I wasn't really up for dressing as her. Instead I was planning on firstly going as Marilyn Monroe, then Natalie Wood who played Maria in West Side Story and eventually I came to the conclusion that I would wear what I usually wear and state that I was a member of 'Cali Swag District' purely because I could go dressed up casually. Smart move right? LOL


Ciao! Xoxo

23 Jul 2012

Story of my life.

Wish List ...

MELODY, Pointed Lace-up Boots, £36.00

Nike Blazer mid vintage leather Bordeux, £66.99

Wedge with ankle strap, £69.99

Platform heel sandel, £49.99

12 Jul 2012

Rhodes 2012 ♥

On the evening of the 13th of June I flew out from Stansted Airport to the Greek island of Rhodes. It also just happened to be my birthday and I was looking forward to spending the next two weeks having an unforgettable time with two of my closest friends, Yasi and Victoria, for we had planned this holiday for an entire year.

We stayed in a town North of the island called Kallithea. There wasn't too much going on here except a few places to eat, bars (which were dead) and some mini-markets but fortunately we were only a short bus ride away to Rhodes (or Rodos) Town so we took full advantage of this. Anyone who happens to visit Rhodes and takes a trip to Rhodes (or Rodos) Town MUST visit the old town within it.

The Old Town is absolutely beautiful and the type of place which you'll instantly fall in love with. It was bustling with tourists trying to capture every aspect of it with their cameras, authentic souvenir shops and café's. At night it is home to the young Greek locals who spend their time socialising at its many bars or dancing at the amazing Cuban 'Todo Bien Latin Bar' which could easily be mistaken for something out of Dirty Dancing 2. You are greeted with people dancing without a care in the world on the cobble street to the enchanting and hip-swaying music. I was literally hypnotized by it all as I'm a massive fan of Latin music and I love dancing so to visit such a place was amazing. Working at the bar is a professional Brazilian dancer who can move like no man you've ever seen before. I really cannot express how fortunate I feel to have been  shown this place by two of our Greek friends and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

We also ventured to the nearby town of Faliraki which really wasn't our cup of tea and so didn't revisit it after that one night out. Just to give you a brief idea if you've ever watched 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents' it's one of those places. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with such a place but it just wasn't to our fancy because A) I don't like being hassled to "COME INTO OUR BAR" as I walk by a place and B) No-one really knew WTF they were doing there.

The two weeks flew by and before we knew it we was saying our saddened goodbyes to the many lovely friends we had made knowing that we would probably never see them again. Grrr! That's the one thing that sucks about meeting people on holiday :( Oh and before we knew it we arrived in London to a week of rain :/

Lol anyways I hope I haven't bored you nor put you to sleep by my rambling so here are a few pictures that I took. Enjoy!

8 Jul 2012


Ciao a tutti! It's been ages since I last made a post but I've been ever so busy. I got back from a two week holiday to Greece roughly just over a week ago and I've had loads to do so please excuse my lack of absence on here. I shall hopefully be posting quite a bit over the coming few weeks :]