26 Jan 2014

Day Out | Greenwich

Today a friend and I went to Greenwich for a day out. Despite it being not too long of a journey away, I had never been so had a jolly good time. Half way during our outing I decided to take some photos so that I could put together a blog post. Hope you enjoy :) X

Upon arrival we headed straight to the market and had a browse at the different stalls ...

I came across this lovely stall selling natural soaps, scrubs, oils and other such goodies. I couldn't resist spending a good minute or so smelling the natural soaps and shoving it in my friend's face so she could also smell them. Not only do they smell gorgeous but they're only £4 each which I think is a bargain. Check out the website at Kats Kalma.


I ended up buying this little gift set, containing a green tea & may chang soap and bath salts, for my mummy. I love how simplistic the packaging is and the fact that it was a mere £5. Such a bargain!


We then stopped at this stall where I picked myself up a vegan coconut lip balm for only £4.


We then had a little wander around and I couldn't help but take a gazillion and one photos. These were mainly of clouds as I thought they looked so beautiful.

Finally, we headed to the Mexican restaurant Desperados where I had the Chicken Arizona (YUM) and my friend had the Mexican Chilli Cheese Burger which is a classic burger topped with chilli con carne and cheese. Who would have thought of that burger combination, ey?


Have any of you guys been to Desperados? If so what do you usually order? X

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