27 Apr 2013

Random photos

Ciao a tutti! A selection of random and recent photos x

I love recycling :)

You can only ever trust yourself.

I finally got my nails done. A well deserved treat after all of the deadlines I had at Uni.

No more woolly socks for me. Hello ankles!

I love taking photos of trees.

On the bus in Golders Green.

Ummayad Mosque (situated in Damascus, Syria); one of the largest and oldest in the world. This beautiful historical building was sadly destroyed two days ago due to the crisis that has continually been going on in Syria. I feel very privileged to have walked the grounds of such an amazing place and thought I would portray its beauty using a photo I took in 2009.

Reminiscing about summer.

Sipping on some coffee before a night out. Red lipstick everywhere lol

Me & Yasi


  1. I put my flowers in glass coke bottles too and I loveeeee costa xx

  2. your nails look lovely!
    where did you get the 'eye' ring from? :)



    1. Thanks doll ♥ It's from Topshop. I bought it about two weeks ago and it was half price so definitely have a rummage through their jewellery section as they had some really nice pieces ;) xX


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