26 Apr 2013

Mini Haul

Ciao a tutti! How are you all? I've been so busy lately as I've had an insane amount of Uni work to complete. Thankfully I submitted my last ever piece of coursework on Monday; I've only got revision to do now (which still sucks). Other than that the weather in London has been really nice these past few days so I hope all you Londoners have been enjoying it. As you can probably tell from the title I've got a mini haul for you all. Hope you enjoy x

Pair 1 (£6.50)
Pair 2 (£7.50/£3.75)
Pair 3 (£7.50/£3.75)

River Island
Earrings (£6.00)
Bracelet (£4.00)

Joni Super High-Waisted Jeans (£36)
Earrings (£7.50/£3.75)
Ring (£7.50/£3.75)




Have any of you guys been shopping lately? If so what was your star buy? Comment below :)

Ciao! xX


  1. love the items you got! the jewellery is especially lovely :)
    I mostly do all my shopping on ebay these day, my star buy would be a a gold cuff.

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  2. Topshop jewellery is my life! I have that black tee too xx


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