18 Nov 2014

Bloggers Love Hub Event - Day 1

Despite the colder and shorter days that November has sadly bestowed upon us, this month is turning out to be rather exciting. Long gone are the usual Monday morning blues that so many of us begin to dread on a Sunday evening. Who do I have to thank for this? Why Bloggers Love of course :)
Bloggers Love is a London based company that organises events which showcase some of the hottest fashion and beauty brands on the market. Their most current and ongoing event is the #BloggersLoveHub which kick-started off on November 4th at Mahiki. The Bloggers Love Hub is a creative and fun place where bloggers can mingle and discover some new and exciting brands. On the night there was a selection of activities and booths for us lucky bloggers to enjoy. Not to mention cupcakes, complimentary beauty treatments including a manicure by the ladies at Toop and Daley and a gifitng lounge. Oh, and did I mention cupcakes lol :P

Two brands in particular that really stood out for me on the night were Glowbeads and Made of Carpet. If you're a regular reader of my blog then I'm sure you'll agree that I have a slight obsession with jewellery and accessories. My collection of the two is insane so it came as no surprise to my cousin when I made a swift beeline for the booths where both of these brands were at.

Glowbeads is a jewellery brand that produces bracelets and necklaces that give the illusion of glowing when the light hits them. Pretty amazing huh? A ton of tender, love and care goes into making these products as they're all beautifully handmade. They come in a wide variety of vibrant colours and different bead sizes so you're sure to find something that you like. I certainly did so was super stoked to be kindly gifted with some gorgeous arm candy which I will be featuring in an upcoming blog post so keep an eye out for that.


Made of Carpet produce beautifully unique bags that range in size from small purses to large duffel bags and come in several different patterns and shapes. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what they're made out of as the brand's name is a dead giveaway :P I've never seen anything quite like it before although I do know that carpet bags were extremely popular in the 19th century, especially during the Victorian times. Once I got home I showed my sister some of the photos I had taken and she instantly said that they remind her of Mary Poppins as she too has a carpet bag in the film. Did that come to anyone else's mind? Again, I was lucky enough to be kindly gifted a clutch bag which I will be styling very soon in an upcoming blog post.

Can I just say that Danielle never fails to amaze me. It's more than obvious that a hella lot of hard work has gone into organising these events and ensuring that us bloggers are truly satisfied. Danielle, mission accomplished
Ciao ♥ Xx


  1. Can't believe we didnt bump into each other at the event, what a shame! I blame the dark lighting haha! I also loved Glowbeads! Will you be going to the last event on the 24th? It would be lovely to see you if you are :) x

    Beauty with charm


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