16 May 2012

Women are beautiful.

The older I've gotten the more I've come to truly appreciate and admire the role of a woman. Women are beautiful beings and should be appreciated and made to feel special. No one should ever tell you or make you feel any different for if they do they're simply not worthy of you.

Beauty comes in many different amounts and forms and lies much deeper than ones physical appearance. The appearance of a woman ages with time but beauty from within can flourish with it. Sadly, they're some women who do no allow this to happen for they are hindered with jealousy. I know of a few girls who loathe on other females purely because they are pretty or have something which they do not. This leaves them with no shame in making unnecessary and snide comments or trying to belittle them. Little do they know is that this does not benefit them in any way but only deprives them. Women should be appreciative of one another and I think it sucks that they're so many women out there who don't feel confident in themselves because of others. I say this because at times, like many of you, I am one of these women. So let me just tell you that you are beautiful and no one can ever take that away from you. Good night x

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