29 Apr 2015

SS15 Fashion Trend #2

Ciao A good pick-me-up is often called for on a Wednesday morning, especially as you're in that middle-of-the-week stage where the weekend seems so near yet so far away. Well I guess you're in luck as I'm right on cue to give you exactly that. Before I do, a few words of wisdom... Ignore the ton of emails you've so desperately been told to reply back to, mute your office telephone and hush anyone who dares to even breathe loudly around you. A bit extreme? Ha! Not extreme enough. After all, fashion is life.

Last season the fashion world took a step back in time as it sought and found inspiration from the swingin' 60s. Flash forward an entire decade and that's exactly where SS15 has landed. The runway shows of designers such as Chloe, Emilio Pucci, Gucci and Louis Vuitton were swamped with a 1970s retro revival. Featured below are some of my favourite looks from these shows.

Fashion in the early 70s was a continuation of the bohemian hippy culture that was popular in the mid-to-late 60s. An everyday go-to outfit consisted of a pair of bell-bottoms, otherwise known as flares, which were often high-waisted, patched and denim. These were worn by both males and females and were usually of a floor sweeping length. Ladies would tackle the trousers dragging on the floor business by strutting their stuff in a pair of platforms or boots. The additional height also helped to compliment the slim, structured silhouette of the trouser and did a great job of elongating their legs. These were paired with loose-fitting tops in the form of peasant blouses and wraparounds or tight-fitting t-shirts and crop tops.

  • #FashionTrendFact: During this era, wardrobe staples included bell-bottoms, broderie anglaise, patchwork denim, fringing and suede.
  • #FashionTrendTip: If you intend on incorporating a bold print into your outfit, pair it with something that is quite neutral to ensure you do not have a clash or mix-match of prints. 
Debbie Harry, Farrah Fawcett and Bianca Jagger were some of the biggest style icons in the 70s. Females from far and wide lusted over their every outfit and did their best to replicate their effortless fashion ensembles. This is of no surprise as all three ladies have left a fashionable imprint to this very day. I'm sure all of you have seen, possibly even drooled slightly, over that red swimsuit photo of Farrah? I rest my case :)

A great thing about this trend is that very little effort and time is needed to rock it as it can easily be pulled off simply through the use of accessories (i.e. a fringed handbag and a floppy hat). Also, if you're a student who is quite strapped for cash or someone who isn't interested in buying into fashion trends, due to them changing every season, but still want to look fashionably up-to-date then simply make use of what you already have. I'm 99.9% certain that you'll find something in your wardrobe, or even your mum's for that matter, that will illustrate this trend perfectly. Not so easily convinced? Ah! Well, how many of you have a dress or skirt that is cut in an A-line shape? A loose-fitting blouse perhaps? Or even a denim jacket? Ha! I thought so. This trend is centred around a vintage and retro look so don't be afraid to pull out that 'old' top you have hiding at the back of your wardrobe :) 

  • #FashionTrendTip: This trend goes hand-in-hand with the upcoming festival season meaning it's extremely versatile. Instead of spending lots of money trying to accommodate both trends, why don't you integrate the contents of your wardrobe across both.
  • #FashionTrendFact: Bold prints (paisley and chevron stripes), a mixture of fabrics such as suede and denim and an array of bright colours were extremely popular in the 70s. 

Below is a collection of my favourite 70s finds from the high-street and online stores, all of which are currently available to purchase. What are you favourite pieces from this selection? I'm loving the
patent platform sandals and wraparound suede dress () Not so much the price though lol :P

White Rubber Chunky Frame Sunglasses - £10 from River Island (click here to view)
Street Style Weaving & Tassels Crossbody Bag - £19.20 from Rosegal (click here to view)
Wide Leather Belt and Square Buckle - £25.99 from Zara (click here to view)
Button Through Floral Print Skirt - £36 from Topshop (click here to view)
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Hepburn Honey Lipstick - £23 from Selfridges (click here to view)
Dark Orange Wool Floppy Hat - £14.99 from New Look (click here to view)
Imitation Suede Waistcoat - £39.99 from H&M (click here to view)
Lena2 Patent Platform Sandals - £56 from Topshop (click here to view)
Fringed Necklace - £14.99 from H&M (click here to view)
Floral Peasant Blouse - £35 from Marks and Spencer (click here to view)
Paisley Crepe Shorts - £22 from Dorothy Perkins (click here to view)
Wraparound Suede Dress - £199.99 from H&M (click here to view)
Faux Suede A-Line Skirt - £39.50 from Marks and Spencer (click here to view)

Ciao ♥ Xx

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  1. Love this post - it's so inspiring! I am loving the 70s trend at the moment x

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