6 Apr 2014

SS14 Trend #1

If fashion is as important to you as it is to I then I know that dressing well is an absolute must and most definitely a part of your everyday routine. I also know how annoying it is to sit on your bedroom floor in the morning for a good five minutes whilst blankly staring at your wardrobe as you haven't the slightest idea in what to wear. It's as if we're half expecting an "Omg! I LOVE what you're wearing" type of outfit to magically piece together in front of our very eyes. Sadly, things like that just don't happen in reality :( With the aim of scrapping those five frustrating minutes and hoping to ensure that us ladies look as fashionable as ever I have decided to put together a blog post series featuring the fabulous fashion trends of SS14. Okay, so let's get started.

The first major trend that will be kick-starting off this blog post series is a fruity print. Do you want to take a tropical guess as to what this might be? Yes? No? Popping up pretty much all over the place it's none other than a pineapple print. Haha! Yes you read that right. Hmm you're probably thinking what the blooming hell is this girl on about but I kid you not. Pineapple seems to be the tropical fruit of this season as it's pretty much everywhere. Topshop is definitely the place to go if you hope to incorporate this print into your wardrobe as they have featured it on quite a lot of their stock. I can totally see why as it definitely gets you in the mood for summer due to it being a vibrant and fun print.

However, I feel that this is a trend that many people will think twice about before even considering to incorporate it into one of their daily outfits. The reasons being that they're simply not sure how to and for fear of looking ridiculous as it's not your everyday type of print. I find that a lot of people tend to play it quite safe when it comes to prints and don't feel confident enough to rock those that are slightly bolder. My advice would be to experiment, experiment and experiment as there's no harm in doing so. Only through this will you be able to establish whether a certain pattern and/or trend suits you. Better yet you might discover that you actually love it so brace yourself for the possibility of a new obsession :P Oh, and if you're stuck for ideas on what to wear with a pineapple printed garment I would suggest that you stick with basics so that it can neutralise the outfit and avoid it looking too busy.

Blue Pineapple Print T-Shirt Dress - £35 from River Island (click here to view)
Chunky Chain Pineapple Necklace - £17.50 from Topshop (click here to view)
Embossed Pineapple Leather Purse in Green - £28 from Urban Outfitters (click here to view)
MOTO Pineapple Print Joni Jeans - £38 from Topshop (click here to view)
Clear Skinnydip Pineapple iPhone 5C Case - £10 from River Island (click here to view)
ASOS Turban Headband in Pineapple Print - £6 from ASOS (click here to view)
Park Lane Pineapple Slipper Shoes - £45/£30 from ASOS (click here to view)
Pineapple Print Bikini - £34 from Topshop (click here to view) 

Do let me know what you guys think about this particular fashion trend and make sure that you keep an eye out for the remaning trends :) X


  1. That dress! I love that dress and that vibrant turban <3 x

  2. I adore this trend! Really cool items!

    Hope you have some time to visit my new blog! :)
    Good luck!

  3. I loved your post, this is such a nice way to describe fashion trends...I personally like the fruity patterns but only when I'm on vacation, chilling out on the beach .. Is never wear them in the city.

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  4. Love your blog, nice collage!

  5. Loving the pineapple dress, such a cute trend!

  6. love pineapple print, will definitely be purchasing a pineapple print bikini for summer!


  7. That tshirt dress is just gorgeous, such a fab collection of pieces! x


  8. Eep! I love the pineapple trend! I would totally rock that bracelet :)

  9. Great post dear! Happy Monday!

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  10. I love this post, every morning I stare blankly at my wardrobe like, I have nothing to wear, even though I probably have a few too many clothes.

    I love your taste!


  11. Love all the prints! I think I would go for the pineapple shoes


  12. great roundup, love pineapple prints.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  13. oh all these items look so cool!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  14. I really like your post and I am completely in love with the swiming suit.


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  16. hey sweetie!!!

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    I would love to!!!!

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  17. I am literally in love with pineapples!
    Thanks for leaving the loveliest comment on my blog!-Yours is amazing!


  18. those flats are so, so adorable :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  19. Amazing post, loving your style!
    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

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  21. I really love that dress. I didn't think I wanted anything with pineapple print on it, but you've convinced me otherwise!

    Kate Louise Blogs

  22. Great style,

    Lots of love.

  23. I like the blog, looks great! And I love love the turban :)



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  25. I love the pineapple print! I really love the look of those topshop joni jeans and I adore that pineapple print iphone case!x


  26. Nice post! Loving the pineapple headband! Xx


  27. loveee the urban headwrap!


  28. Great picks, the loafers with the pineapple are too cute!



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