18 Mar 2014


I hardly ever leave my house without wearing some form of jewellery and if there ever is an occasion in which I do then those people who know me are almost astounded once they notice. I know that might sound like a slight exaggeration but I promise it's not. It really is that big of a thing for me not to be flaunting my favourite pieces. I guess you can say I'm the type of person who almost feels naked if I don't have any jewellery on. So it was a lovely surprise when a few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Naomi from NOWSEEN who kindly allowed me to pick out a few of my favourite jewellery pieces from their website. That I happily did but boy was it hard as they have so many gorgeous and timeless pieces. After pondering over their website for a tad too long I finally settled upon these three beauties (♥).

I don't usually wear bangles as I feel that they're very much hit-or-miss due to the dimension of them. I often find that they're either far too big or ridiculously small. Neither happens to be the case for this bangle as it slides on with ease and does not hang too low on the hand. It really is the perfect fit and is incredibly sleek and feminine. The Willow Bangle currently comes in ten different variations so I was pretty much spoilt for choice. I finally settled upon this one as I love the gothic and vampire-esque type of look that it gives off. I don't know if it's just me who gets that sort of vibe from it but I love it.

I guess you could say it was a love at first sight experience as I was instantly taken aback by the beautiful grey-blue hues. This love was only heightened once I tried it on as the iridescent play of colour really is spectacular. So far I've worn this out twice already, the last time was to work along with a little blue dress. It received a ton of compliments so I'm extremely happy that I now have this beauty in my jewellery collection as I really do feel it adds that extra Ooo to an outfit and the length of the chain just happens to be spot on.

I have an insane collection of earrings and was known during my sixth form days as the girl who  wore big earrings as I was forever wearing big hoops and doorknocker earrings. For me it was very much the bigger the better. However, since graduating last summer and working full time my choice in jewellery has changed. I've grown fonder of smaller, daintier ones and in particular, drop earrings.

Once again I was spoilt for choice as NOWSEEN have quite a large selection of drop earrings but for some reason it was these that I kept coming back to. I just love the colour combination; an earthy tone with a pop of colour. Better yet lime green is right on trend for the current/upcoming season and will definitely help to brighten up my outfits.

Having previously worked in Links of London for a very short period of time I became quite familiar with the many different gemstones and metals that are used for good quality and desirable jewellery. So it was quite interesting to see the selection of different gems used. I particularly love the fact that all of these lovely pieces are made from sterling silver which means that with the appropriate tender, love and care they are set to last me a lifetime. Moreover, I love how versatile these pieces are as I can easily transition them from day to night.

I have high hopes for this brand and predict that they will do well as they have some truly beautiful pieces for reasonable prices. Pixie Lott, Millie Mackinstosh, Caroline Flack and Katy B are just a few of the ladies who have all been spotted out wearing some of their jewellery meaning NOWSEEN are definitely doing something right. If you guys haven’t checked them out then I suggest you wait no longer and head over to the NOWSEEN website now. Let me know what you guys think :) X


  1. My favourite piece is definitely the 'willow bangle', so simplistic but so pretty! x


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