19 Oct 2013

Fashion Haul

Ciao a tutti! So it's that dreaded time of year where I have to carry a pair of gloves with me, if not two, as the weather gets colder and our day gets shorter. Don't get me wrong, I love being snuggled up in an over-sized scarf and ribbed beanie whilst sipping on a caffè latte from Starbucks but I would rather have the sun back any day. Hmm maybe then I wouldn't feel so inclined to buy more knitwear than I could ever possibly need no matter how cute some of the jumpers I've recently bought are.

Okay so below is not even a fraction of what I've recently purchased. I've been extremely naughty lately and have spent a lot of money. I do need to cut down on my spending as I know I'm going to go slightly crazy when I get an email saying that the sale at Zara has begun. I'm so excited for it that it's a complete and utter joke. Zara has to be my favourite high-street store. Their stock is effortless, classy and chic; I would happily live in their stuff for the rest of my life

£14 from Primark

£13 from Primark

£6 from Primark

£5 from Primark

£39.99 from H&M

£8 from Primark

£8 from Primark

Super High Waisted Joni Jeans in Black Acid Wash - £36 from Topshop

Activ Heavy Metal Buckle Boot in Grey - £92/£50 from Topshop


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