28 Aug 2013

Topshop Jewellery Haul

Ciao a tutti! I'm the type of person who almost feels naked if I'm not wearing some form of jewellery. I have an endless collection which ranges from pretty and dainty to chunky and statement pieces. The latter being my favourite. The jewellery section at most stores tends to be the first place I head towards and it has almost become a routine for me to do so whenever I step into Topshop. The majority of the items that I purchased were reduced in price as they were in the sale. Oh how I lurvee me a bargain :)

1. £12.50 £5.50
2. £8.50 £3.50
3. £10.00 £3.50
4. £8.50

5. £14.00
6. £6.50 £2.50 (I didn't get charged the sale price. Not cool)
7. £8.50 £4.25

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