27 Jan 2013

Random facts tag

Ciao a tutti! I've just seen this post on Copper Garden's blog and thought I'd do a shortened version. 

  1. My name is Sheren.
  2. ... which means 'sweet' in Persian.
  3. I'm 20 years young.
  4. I'm half Italian and half Syrian.
  5. I have five siblings.

6.  I dislike dark water.
7.  I worry too much.
8.  I'm a deep thinker. 
9.  When I was younger I was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley.  
10.  I’m insecure about my appearance.
11.   ... I don't often open up to people about this. 
12.  I dislike having guests.
13.  I love photography.
14.  I've kissed a random man's bald head after losing a game of black-jack.
15. I have a fear of sharks and spiders.
16.  I talk in weird and funny accents.
17. People comment on the fact that I'm always smiling.
18.  I love learning about different cultures.
19.  I play Farmville.
20.  I'm not very fond of animals.
21.  ... mainly because I'm scared they'll bite me (lol).
22.  I don't drink alcohol.
23.  I usually get called a shopaholic. I beg to differ.
24.  I get pissed off quickly.
25.  I f*cking love reggae and dancehall music.
26.  I hate snow with a passion.
27.  I think Sergio Ramos is hot.
28.  I find it a turn off if a guy hasn't watched The Godfather.
29.  I want to travel around Italy on a red vespa.
30.  I don't go out that much.
31.  I'm a peace maker.
32.  I cried when Dumbledore died in Harry Potter.
33.  I also cried when Dobby died.
34.  I keep a lot of stuff in.
35.  I have three friends that I trust. 
36.  ... I love them.
37.  I love to dance. Anywhere and everywhere.
38.  I love to clean.
39.  I want to buy a Prada bag.
40.  I tend to put myself down.
41.  I find tattoos and motorbikes hot.
42.  I can't drive.
43.  I want to travel as much of this world as possible.
44.  Summer is my favourite time of year.
45.  I'm too nice to people.
46.  I hate it when people don't have manners.
47.  Heels make me feel sexy.
48.  I'm developing a slight obsession with trainers.
49.  I rarely watch T.V.
50.  I'm a person of principle.

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