1 Sep 2015

YouTube Video | Summer Holiday Lookbook

Ciao ♥ Pinch! Punch! First day of the month. Wah! I can't quite believe we've already been graced with the likes of September. Can someone kindly tell time to slow the f*ck down. How is it that autumn will soon be beckoning upon our doors? We have exactly 22 days left of this 'so-called' summer. Yes, I know. It hasn't been much of a summer. In fact it's been pretty darn sh*t but just the thought of no longer being able to refer to the season as summer makes me sad.

Some of y'all reading this are probably quite the opposite and are looking forward to wrapping yourselves up in big chunky scarves, layering upon layering, autumnal accessories (i.e. floppy hats and faux fur stoles) and oversized coats. For those who, like me, are still clinging onto the remaining few weeks of summer, have a watch of my SUMMER HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK to keep you in that summery and sunny spirit. Which outfit is your favourite? X

Are you guys subscribed to my YouTube channel? If not, what are you waiting for? Give this video a thumbs up and click that red button so I can keep you fashionably updated. Also, if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like me to film then please leave a comment below :) X

Ciao ♥ Xx 


  1. Offcourse i subscribed and true there was no summer im actually looking forward to winter and ur winter haulssss hopefully lol. All ur holiday outfits are 5 star but my 2 faav ones is 2nd and 4th. Kisses boo x

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  3. This is so good. I like it!

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  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!!

    Adore this post, it is such a good idea and love love the outfits you have styled! x



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