13 Feb 2015

Scarlett of Soho

Ciao ♥ Forgive me as I'm not even going to bother asking how ya'll doing. It's Friday (#TGIF) and that's enough to know how the majority of you are feeling. Whoop! The weekend's only a few more hours away :)

Whether you'll spend the next two days donning your favourite party frock or slobbing around in your pjs, this is not a post you want to miss out on reading as I'm going to be introducing you to an exciting brand I've discovered. Towards the end of last year I came across a brand who instantly caught my attention. Curious? Well you should be :P

Scarlett of Soho is an eyewear brand who finds inspiration from 18th century Royal Optician Edward Scarlett. Despite being a massive fan of almost anything that is classic and vintage looking this is not what initially attracted me to the brand. As I mentioned in my previous post I am currently working seven days a week. Tiring? Yes. Annoying? Slightly, but only because I have no time what-so-ever to carry out the simplest of errands. I often have to rely on my lovely mummy for help (i.e. popping to the post office, picking up daily essentials and waiting for deliveries) although I'm sure she'll be happy to know that this is one less of a thing I need her to do for me.

Scarlett of Soho offer a home try on service which enables customers to choose four glasses, complete with prescriptions if needed, and the opportunity to trial them for a week in the comfort of their own home and time.  This service is free of charge, including shipping, and allows you to truly identify the type of lens, frame and style that suits you best. For those who may find it somewhat difficult to choose from the wide selection of glasses, fret your cotton socks not as the folks at Scarlett of Soho have only gone and made our life that tad bit easier. They've recently upped their game and introduced a personalised style finder which uses factors such as your gender, face shape and skin tone to recommend the best specs which are sure to complement your style and fit.


Below are my four choices: Hartnell in Sheer Burgundy, Wieden in Translucent Olive, Churchill in Ice Grey and Novak in Burnished Amber.

My favourite has to be Hartnell in Sheer Burgundy (see below) as I feel it was the one which best suited me :)

Once you have settled upon a pair there are three subscription plans in place to choose from. You can find out about these here. Ah! Now if you're someone who is a little weary about signing up to a subscription, don't be. There are no fixed commitments meaning you can cancel at anytime. Pretty darn convenient, right? If this amazing service is something that has tickled your fancy then please feel free to use my code: SHERENM2015 to receive a 1 month free subscription :)

Ciao ♥ Xx

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