20 Jun 2014

OOTD & YouTube Video

Goody gosh! It has been quite some time since I last published a post. Not cool at all :( I will hopefully have two more posts up within the next few days so do keep an eye out for those as I attempt to make up for lost blogging time. Anyways, in the mean time why not feast your eyes on this OOTD that I filmed last week. I was on my way to a bloggers event but decided not to attend due to London's atrocious transport delays which was super annoying. Grr! :/


String Vest from Primark
Trousers from Zara
Blazer from H&M
Shoes from Zara
Earrings from Turkey
Bag from Zara

Ciao! & lots of love ♥

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  1. Lovely post!xxKind of in love with your blog:)
    I would love you to visit my blog,and follow if you want!:)
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Love,Antonella <3


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