28 Mar 2014

Superdrug Blogger Competition

Ciao! Oh how I do love Twitter. A few nights ago whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed I came across a RT from one of my followers about a Superdrug competition for bloggers. All you have to do to enter is to create a trend-look using three make-up products of your choice. Pretty cool right? :)

For my entry to this competition I will be creating a Mediterranean Goddess look having used the Italian beauty siren Sophia Loren as my source of inspiration. Sophia Loren alongside the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are just some of the iconic Hollywood starlets that today's women are constantly trying to replicate the look of. Known for both their award winning performances on the big screen, as well as their impeccable dress sense and timeless beauty, the reasons are there for all to see. With the aim of ensuring that you ladies look just as good I've provided a short tutorial on how you can achieve that gorgeous Mediterranean look that Sophia Loren is known for so effortlessly pulling off.

The three products that I will be using to create this trend-look are:

  1. MUA Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 7
  2. L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Privée Cheryl  
  3.  Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara Extreme Black

Okay, so let's begin.  

#TIP1 - Make sure that you have carried out all of the necessary steps prior to starting this trend-look (i.e. cleanse, tone and moisturise your face, prep your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer, etc.)

#TIP2 - Once you have applied your eyeshadow to your brush tap it to get rid of any excess product. 

Using an eyeshadow brush begin by applying the eyeshadow evenly over your eyelids using a patting motion. By doing this you are ensuring that the product sticks to your lid.

Apply some more product only this time blend the eyeshadow into the socket using short and slow brush strokes.



#TIP3 - If you want your eyelashes to look that extra bit longer and fuller then curl your eyelashes prior to applying mascara. 

#TIP4 - Once you have taken out the wand from the mascara tube ensure that you scrap the wand on the top of the tube to remove any excess mascara. This will ensure that you have just the right amount of product on the wand and will avoid your eyelashes forming into clumps.


Place your mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes and wiggle the wand in a back-and-forth motion whilst slowly sweeping the wand upwards. I usually repeat this a few (roughly 2-3) times so that my lashes look full and volumised.

#TIP5 - Before the applicance of your lipstick line your lips and fill them in with a lip liner to ensure that your lipstick lasts twice as long.

Apply your lipstick using either a lip brush or directly from the tube. Using tissue blot away any excess product and then apply a final layer of lipstick

Taa-Dah! This is the final look :)

What's great about this look is that it can be worn both during the day and also at night. For those ladies who like to intensify their eye make-up that tad bit more in the evenings, simply apply some eyeliner to really make your eyes stand out. Better yet this look is extremely versatile as the colour of eyeshadow can easily be changed to a colour of your preference (i.e. bronze, gold) which will still give you the Mediterranean Goddess look. Finally, not only will this look ensure that you look like a complete and total goddess but it's also extremely easy to recreate.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my entry to the Superdrug Blogger Competition. Do let me know what you think of this look and whether you would ever try recreating it :)


  1. nice

  2. I have the same mascara and is great!


  3. This is so nice! I like everything. Happy First day of April! :D

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  4. That mascara looks very interesting!

  5. I need to try that mascara. I'm currently using maybelline falsies and I'm willing to switch!
    XO, Steph

  6. Super cute look! Greens look good on you (:
    ~Makaela at www.makaelassuitcase.blogspot.com

  7. Amazing look! I very like mascaras Rimmel ;)

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  8. I'll definitely have to give this a whirl!
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  9. loving your make-up look and your blog !!!
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  10. I love scandaleyes mascara too much , great look xx


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