31 Dec 2013


On Sunday evening a group of people from work and I went to The Regency Club in Queensbury for dinner. I had a lovely evening and discovered that my taste buds can actually handle spicy food. Shown below is what I wore. Oh how I love this coat. It's from Zara and is one of the warmest that I've ever owned. I particularly love the fact that it's earned me the much loved nickname of lamby. Cute nickname right? Oh and I call this look Pimp Daddy. Haha! X


Coat from Zara
Top from Topshop
Faux Leather Trousers from Zara
  Boots from Front Row Shop


  1. I really like the top, and the leather pants look great. Have a happy New Year to you too, hope 2014 is a good one!

  2. nice coat!


  3. Sooo beautiful you look lovely xxx

  4. Iv been looking for a top like that for a while now, love it xx

  5. I love your top girl !!!



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