28 May 2012

I love Zara.

Ciao a tutti! I hope you've all been well and for all of those in London I hope you've been enjoying the sun as much as I have. The weather here has been amazing ♥ 

Okay, so I know I told myself that I wouldn't go shopping but I couldn't help myself after stepping into Zara. They literally have some of the most amazing pieces ever and I feel as if I want to buy everything and anything in sight whenever I visit it. I never fail to have a look at their heels which are spread out all over as they always stock some at very reasonable prices. These beauts caught my eye and the price tag was a bonus considering that Zara heels usually cost roughly £49.00-£59.00. These heeled sandals come in three other colours, one being a plain black and the other two being a combination of two different colours. As you may know by now I absolutely adore the colour orange and any shade of it so instantly fell in love with these.

Zara, £29.99

Ciao! Xoxo

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